Road To Ruin Festival 3 Day Pass

Image of Road To Ruin Festival 3 Day Pass


Here it is the 3 day pass for R2R. This ensures that you can see every band and every wrestling match. There are only 100 of these bad boys available! WILL CALL ONLY. Please bring proper identification to receive your tickets!

CHIKARA is providing the wrestling and below you'll find the line up.

Algernon Cadwallader- Philadelphia, PA- Hot Green Records
Big Eyes- Seattle, WA -Evil Weevil/Don Giovanni Records
Captain, We're Sinking- Scranton, PA- Evil Weevil/Kind Of Like Records
Cloak/Dagger- Richmond, VA -Jade Tree Records
Creepoid - Philadelphia, PA - Phonographic Arts/No Idea Records
Diarrhea Planet - Nashville, TN - Evil Weevil/Infinity Cat Records
Dry Feet- Philadelphia Beach, PA - Evil Weevil/Burger Records
The Eeries- Philadelphia, PA - Evil Weevil Records
Everyone Everywhere- Philadelphia, PA - Evil Weevil/Tiny Engines Records
Give - Washington, DC - Painkiller/Deranged Records
The Holy Mess - Philadelphia, PA - Evil Weevil/Red Scare Records
Iron Chic - Long Island, NY - Dead Broke Records
Luther - Philadelphia, PA - Black Numbers Records
LVL UP- Purchase, NY- Evil Weevil/Double Double Whammy Records
Marvelous Darlings- Toronto, CAN - Grave Mistake Records
The Menzingers- Philadelphia/Scranton, PA- Epitaph Records
Night Birds- Brooklyn, NY - Grave Mistake Records
Night Sins- Philadelphia, PA- Evil Weevil Records
Nuclear Santa Claust - New York, NY - Don Giovanni Records
Pissed Jeans - Allentown/Philadelphia, PA - Sub Pop Records
Rational Animals- Rochester, NY- Katorga Works
Secret Police- New Brunswick, NJ - Don Giovanni Records
Spook Houses- Ridgewood, NJ - Evil Weevil Records
Stable Boys- Philadelphia, PA- Evil Weevil/Ranch Records
Tigers Jaw- Scranton, PA - Run For Cover Records
Very Happy - Philadelphia/West Chester, PA - Excitement Cat Records

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